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Rights & Inclusion Australia national and international experience included programs and activities related to the CRPD (UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2008), the Australian APS (Access to Premises Standard 2010), accessibility, human rights, Indigenous people with a disability and education.

Recent programs include Australian Government Developing Countries Access Guidelines and Access Strategies in Qatar and Kuwait.

Rights & Inclusion Australia can provide advisory services to government and non-government organisations in areas including – CRPD implementation, housing, education, Indigenous and remote communities programs, and access related legislation.

Our advisory services are available on a not for profit consultancy basis – to assist countries in the Asia Pacific region and globally during adopting, ratifying and / or implementing the CRPD and related programs.

Our key personnel includes

Michael Fox – AM, B Arch, MTCP, FAIA, FPIA – is an architect, planner and access consultant with involvement in access and equity since 1980, including director of Access Australia and related architectural practice Michael Fox Architects. He is an accredited member of ACAA – the Association of Consultants in Access Australia.

Michael Fox is a director and Chair of Rights & Inclusion Australia. International roles include extensive involvement in the drafting, adoption and implementation of the UN CRPD, ratified by Australia in July 2008.

From 2004 to 2008 Michael Fox prioritised key global issues, including CRPD adoption, as President of RI Global, a New York based international organisation and network advancing the rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities.

From 1996 to 2004 he was Global Chair of ICTA, the RI International Commission on Technology and Accessibility. Related activities include Corporate Board member, House with No Steps, Sydney 2001 to 2010; University lecturer in Access, Equity & Design; and ongoing membership of Standards Australia ME / 64 Access and Mobility Committees.

Joseph Kwan – MH, Dip Arch (QIT), M Sc (Surrey), FRAIA, RIBA, FHKAI, Assoc AIA, Aff ACAA – is an architect and access consultant with over 36 years of experience in architectural practice in Australia, United Kingdom, France and 28 years in Hong Kong.

He specializes in universal design and access to the built environment, transportation and inclusive tourism.

Joseph experience includes Consultant to the United Nations - Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) on Non-Handicapping Environments for People with Disabilities, and Expert/Resource Person on Barrier Free Tourism in Asia and the Pacific.


Penelope Price – BA, B Ed, MA is a director of Rights & Inclusion Australia and a disability advocate and activist, with extensive experience in research and program development for children with disabilities, in early intervention, training parents to facilitate the development of their own children, and in establishing developmental programmes for children in the Pacific Islands.

Penny has also trained teachers to work in inclusive school settings and make the transition from separate to inclusive schools. She has conducted research for UNESCO in the area of developing inclusive schools in Asia and the Pacific and has had experience in establishing Community Based Inclusive Development programs (CBR) in the Pacific islands. She has had an advisory role with the Pacific Disability Forum since its inception in 2002.

Penelope worked for the Social Development Division of the ESCAP designing, implementing and evaluating the first and second Asian and Pacific Decades on Disability.

She was also involved in drafting of the CRPD. From 2004 to 2008 Penny was Chair of the Education Commission of RI Global and is currently a director of Rights & Inclusion Australia.


Sue Salthouse – B Ag Science, Dip Ed is a Rights & Inclusion Australia director and treasurer and is an educator and disability rights promoter and has been intensively involved in the disability sector since 1995.
She is a Director of Didactic Enterprises, and her activities in Central Australia, Nepal and Italy have applied her skills in a cultural context.

The CRPD provide a focus for addressing inequities experienced by women with disabilities arising from disability and gender discrimination.
Sue is a director and Treasurer of Rights & Inclusion Australia. She is a member of the University of Canberra Council and Expert Panel advising the ACT government on transition to the NDIS.

Sue was 2010 President of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network and 2010 to 2012 President of WWDA (Women with Disabilities Australia)..


Emily Steel (MSc, BOccThy) is a director of Rights & Inclusion Australia and an occupational therapist who has worked as a clinician, manager, lecturer and researcher for government, not-for-profit and private organisations.

Her work has focused on applications of the UN CRPD and the WHO's ICF, understanding choice decision-making (including mental capacity and consent), and knowledge translation for inclusive design and equitable access to assistive technology products and services.

Other voluntary roles include Australian delegate for Working Group 10 (Cognitive Accessibility) of the International Standards Organisation (ISO) Technical Committee 173, and Occupational Therapy Australia member and delegate for the Standards Australia Committee ME067: Assistive Products for Persons with a Disability.


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