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Rights & Inlusion Australia Townsville Workshop - 1 December 2011 - initial outcomes

The Workshop was attended by approximately 45 participants representing key stakeholders and summary reports and audio / video highlights will be posted shortly. Initial outcomes include:

Adverse implications of the Price Waterhouse Coopers Report on all Australian with a disabilities. OECD ranks Australia 21st out of 29 countries in employment participation rates for people with a disability, with 45% living near or below the poverty line
An estimated 37% of Indigenous Australians have a disability compared to the national statistic of 19%
Lack of knowledge and awareness about support services available to First People with a disability (FPWD)
Process fundamentally upside down, with indigenous agencies mainly staffed by non indigenous people
Key importance of respect, and the need to change mind sets of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders and non indigenous people
Federal initiatives including the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) provide opportunities for real change, and need effective involvement of all stakeholders
NDIS provides important opportunities for regional and remote communities
Employment opportunities for FPWDs should be based on access to training, equality, job security and enjoyment
Federal and Queensland employment strategies, policies and guidelines for setting up a business are available, and links will be posted at www.riaustralia.org in due course
Creating employment requires a combination of available opportunities and innovative ideas
The best outcomes result from building and maintaining good partnership
Better outcomes for FPWDs need to be based on strong family values and effective transition to employment, education and social inclusion
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